Standing Up for Israel

By Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz
July 21, 2014/23 Tammuz 5774

This morning I stood up for Israel along with hundreds of others at MetroWest’s rally to support Israel. While news reports have been overwhelming, this was a chance to come together as a community, as Klal Yisrael, and express our love and support.

A Ground Incursion Into Gaza Has Begun...

By Rabbi Kulwin 7/18/2014

Dear Friends:

A few hours ago, Israel began a ground incursion into Gaza.  This takes the conflict to a new level, reflecting the government's belief that air strikes alone will not bring stability to the area and end the ongoing firing of missiles on Israel.  It is of course too soon to know what impact this will have.  Perhaps the added intensity will bring the hostilities to a close sooner than otherwise; on the other hand, the possibility of increased casualties, on both sides, is undeniable.

Rabbis Elliott Kleinman & Eve Rudin @ Shabbat Evening Services

By Rabbi Kulwin, 7/16/2014

Dear Friends:

Israel...For the Moment, What Can We Do?

From Rabbi Kulwin 7/11/2014

Dear Friends:

I am in the Adirondacks at the moment, staring at the lake from the porch of our cabin and listening to NPR's All Things Considered on the radio.  The just-ended lengthy report on hostilities near Gaza could not be clearer:  for the moment, at least, no one is interested in a cease fire.  I have been spending much of the day following the news on the web sites of Israeli newspapers (and even a few from the Arab world).  No-one's take is much different.

With Grief and Outrage...

We react with both grief and outrage to the announcement that searchers have just discovered the bodies of Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaar and Naftali Fraenkel.  Early news reports indicate the boys were shot shortly after their abduction. Yes, the Middle East can be a complex and violent place. Nevertheless, the abduction and murder of three unarmed, innocent youths is impossible to comprehend as anything other than an act of unadulterated evil.