AJWS Policy Summit

By Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, AJWS Policy Summit, May 11-13, 2015

This year I am a Rabbinic Global Justice Fellow with American Jewish World Service (AJWS). AJWS is committed to helping developing nations around the globe and its “We Believe” campaign launched last year specifically focuses on getting the International Violence against Women Act (IVAWA) passed in Congress, promoting equal rights and ending discrimination to LGBT individuals in America and throughout the world and empowering girls to end child marriage.


By Rabbi Faith Joy  Dantowitz, May 7, 2015   Lag B’Omer [33rd day of the Omer]

Counting. Judaism teaches us to count our blessings. The Talmud says that we should actually recite 100 blessings a day. From thanking God when we open our eyes to giving thanks for the food we eat, there are opportunities to express our thanks throughout the day. Moreover, a gratitude practice is powerful.

Mindy Scheier's Groundbreaking Work with Runway of Dreams Highlighted On The View

As an extended family, the extraordinary accomplishments of one bring joy to us all.

In that spirit, I urge you to watch this clip from Friday's broadcast of ABC’s The View.  The show celebrated Mindy Scheier’s groundbreaking work with the differently-abled.  These few minutes will make it clear how blessed we are to have Mindy, Greg, Stella, Oliver and Beau among us.  Prepare to be moved and – I say from experience – have a box of tissues handy.  You will experience a true gift.


Submitted by Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, 4/23/2015

WOW - Women of the Wall at 7:30 PM Wednesday @ TBA....And Here's Why

Submitted by Rabbi Kulwin, 4/20/2015

History was made in Jerusalem this morning as, to quote from Ha-aretz, "Women of the Wall, a group of women fighting for freedom of worship at the Western Wall, fulfilled a longstanding goal of reading from a full-size Torah scroll at the Wall on Monday morning, in violation of regulations at the holy site."  The JTA also has an article:  http://www.jta.org/2015/04/20/news-opinion/israel-middle-east/women-of-w....