Serious...and Less Serious

By Rabbi Kuliwn, 4/14/2014

Dear Friends:

We begin Pesach somberly this year, with news of yesterday’s villainous attack in Kansas City.  Let us include those injured, and the families of those who cruelly perished, in our Seder table prayers tonight.  Though it appears this was the act of a lone, deranged, anti-Semite, Temple B’nai Abraham, which always exercises caution when it comes to security, is exercising it more these days.  At the Kulwin table this evening we will pause for a silent moment before the rituals begin…perhaps you would wish to as well.

We need you Sunday morning,,,Mitzvah Morning

Yes, we need you.  We also need your kids, your parents, your grandchildren, your brothers and sisters, your aunts and uncles, your cousins, your friends, your neighbors and your dog.

Okay, not true.  We don’t need your dog.  But we do need everyone else.  On Mitzvah morning we have a lot to do.  And we’ll even serve you breakfast first.

Shalom from Indianapolis!

From Rabbi Kulwin 3/31/2014

Yes, Indianapolis...

It’s been a wonderful and intense three Temple B’nai Abraham days.  First, Tot Shabbat on Friday night with well over 100 parents and Early School children.  Lively – to say the least – fun, and it is always lovely to see the parents all want a moment with Early School director Debbie Ziering; ask a question, seek some advice, whatever.  As it has been since its birth so many years ago, the Early School itself remains a strong community as well as an integral part of the Temple.

Stand up for your rights this Purim

Rabbi Dantowitz, 3/8/2014

From Ben Gurion Airport

From Rabbi Kulwin, 2/20/2014

Dear Friends:

I write this from Ben Gurion airport, the Dan lounge to be exact, a perk left over from my pre-B'nai Abraham frequent flyer days.  It's late Thursday evening, boarding begins in an hour or so, and it's nice to sit comfortably and relax.