Understanding Today's Israeli Elections

From Rabbi Kulwin 3/17/2015

Want to understand today’s Israeli election?  Read this article from Ha-aretz.  It’s a concise, lucid explanation of how that very different system works.  Polls close at 10:00 PM (4:00 PM in New Jersey) and exit poll results will no doubt announced shortly thereafter.  But as the Ha-aretz article makes clear, just what all this means may take time to determine.

Rabbi Kulwin

Shalom from Jerusalem

From Rabbi Kulwin 3/12/2015

Dear Friends:

I can’t remember the last time I was in Israel on my own.  For many years trips here have been with Temple (or other) groups; this week, I came alone.  I got to visit my sister Linda at her home in Haifa for the first time (the main reason for my visit) and have some other neat experiences.

College honors legacies of Prinz and Price

Remembering Prinz and Price by Robert Wiener,  Staff Writer New Jersey Jewish News, 2/18/2015

Back to Brazil...

Submitted by Rabbi Kulwin, 2/11/2015                           TBA Mission to Brazil Photo Gallery

I begin these words on a United 777 plane that just took off from Rio's Galeao Airport.  To be specific, in seat 22K.

Your Vote Counts...In Israel!

Submitted by Rabbi Kulwin, 1/15/2015

World Zionist Organization (WZO) Elections to the World Zionist Congress
Here's why this is important for Israel and for you...