Your Vote Counts...In Israel!

Submitted by Rabbi Kulwin, 1/15/2015

World Zionist Organization (WZO) Elections to the World Zionist Congress
Here's why this is important for Israel and for you...

Israel...Omitted from HarperCollins' new Middle East Atlas!

Submitted by Rabbi Kulwin, 1/7/2015

The Garden

By Cantor Jessica Epstein, 12/1/2014

The Garden

Gardening is about moments.

The holy moment when seed sprouts leaves and begins to feel its way to sun.

When red dagger peony stems break frozen free and arc toward future fragrance.

Fading always, something alive

And living always, something fading.

And these come to tell us who we are.


Blowing leaves and trimming grass are weekly heard, rarely observed.

But buds bursting,

fungus creeping

blight stalking,

bugs chewing,

Jews and Justice

By Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, 11/21/2014

On the Road Again...Visiting Our Kids @ College

By Rabbi Kulwin, 11/4/2014