Do Not Stand Idly By (Leviticus 19)

By Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, 10/21/2014

An epidemic. 30,000 deaths. And I’m not even talking about ebola. This is the number of Americans that die each year due to gun violence.

We are always here to help!

By Rabbi Kulwin, 8/13/2014

Dear Friends:

I was so touched by the email below, I wanted to share it.  And recall that Rabbi Dantowitz, Cantor Epstein and I are always here to help as well.


Rabbi Kulwin

Subject: Remembering Robin Williams

Standing Up for Israel

By Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz
July 21, 2014/23 Tammuz 5774

This morning I stood up for Israel along with hundreds of others at MetroWest’s rally to support Israel. While news reports have been overwhelming, this was a chance to come together as a community, as Klal Yisrael, and express our love and support.

A Ground Incursion Into Gaza Has Begun...

By Rabbi Kulwin 7/18/2014

Dear Friends:

A few hours ago, Israel began a ground incursion into Gaza.  This takes the conflict to a new level, reflecting the government's belief that air strikes alone will not bring stability to the area and end the ongoing firing of missiles on Israel.  It is of course too soon to know what impact this will have.  Perhaps the added intensity will bring the hostilities to a close sooner than otherwise; on the other hand, the possibility of increased casualties, on both sides, is undeniable.

Rabbis Elliott Kleinman & Eve Rudin @ Shabbat Evening Services

By Rabbi Kulwin, 7/16/2014

Dear Friends: