Israel at 64!

From Rabbi Dantowitz

Yom Ha’atzmaut 5772—April 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Israel! As we celebrate the Modern State of Israel, I am delighted to share the recent NY Times article featuring my friend  Yosef Abramowitz  who co-founded a solar power company in the desert. Yosef is married to my rabbinical school classmate and year-in-Israel roommate, Susan Silverman. They were dating when Susan and I began rabbinical school so I’ve known them both for over two decades.

A 60 Minutes Broadcast About Christians in the West Bank

From Rabbi Kulwin, 4/24/2012

I heard from several congregants disturbed by Sunday’s 60 Minutes broadcast about Christians in the West Bank.  I caught the episode yesterday online.   I, too, did not like it, though I couldn’t figure out exactly why.  As if often the case, journalist Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, who spoke here a year ago,  helped me understand.

Ann Romney, Hilary Rosen spat needlessly reprises Mommy Wars

Published: Saturday, April 14, 2012, 9:05 AM

Thanks to Democratic strategist Hillary Rosen's criticism of Ann Romney, we Americans have again been thrust again the Mommy

"Footnote"...Israeli Style

From Rabbi Kulwin, 04/16/2012

Last night I saw the Israeli movie Footnote, showing at the Claridge in Montclair.  Amazing.  Fascinating exploration of father son dynamics – can you say competition? – in all sorts of unexpected ways.  Some aspects of the film are universal; others uniquely Israeli.  You can watch the trailer at  Not sure how long it will be at the Claridge so go now!