Meeting the Zakkour Family

Submitted by Rabbi Dantowitz 10 Nisan 5776

Dear Friends,

Though the Syrian refugee crisis is five years old, the photo last summer of the drowned young Aylan Kurdi woke us up. Suddenly, it was not just an issue far away.  In this innocent face we could see our own children. But what could we do?

Flight home: Los Angeles to Newark before the blizzard

Rabbi Dantowitz January 21, 2016—11 Shevat 5776

Last week I attended the Institute for Jewish Spirituality’s Clergy Retreat in Simi Valley, CA. Along with 55 rabbis and cantors we focused on the spiritual practices of text study, prayer, meditation, mindful eating, yoga, and talking to God (hitbodedut) with the majority of each day (after dinner until after lunch) in silence. It’s amazing how “noisy” it is even in silence as quieting one’s mind is no small task.

One step at a time...Back to Trenton

Submitted by Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, November 17, 2015/5 Kislev 5776

The violence in the world is overwhelming, but as Pirke Avot teaches, "though we may not need to complete all of the work, we are not free to abstain from it."  So I continue to try to make a difference to reduce gun violence and increase gun safety.

Smart Guns…A step toward gun sanity

Submitted by Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, 11/11/2015

Across from The White House Taking Action against Gun Violence

Yesterday I traveled to Washington DC with my friend and colleague, Rabbi Joel Mosbacher, a national leader of Metro IAF’s DNSIB campaign. The purpose: a Press Conference to let the President know that it’s time to stop just talking about it and start acting!