One step at a time...Back to Trenton

Submitted by Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, November 17, 2015/5 Kislev 5776

The violence in the world is overwhelming, but as Pirke Avot teaches, "though we may not need to complete all of the work, we are not free to abstain from it."  So I continue to try to make a difference to reduce gun violence and increase gun safety.

Smart Guns…A step toward gun sanity

Submitted by Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, 11/11/2015

Across from The White House Taking Action against Gun Violence

Yesterday I traveled to Washington DC with my friend and colleague, Rabbi Joel Mosbacher, a national leader of Metro IAF’s DNSIB campaign. The purpose: a Press Conference to let the President know that it’s time to stop just talking about it and start acting!

Guatemala: Pursuing Justice

By Rabbi Dantowitz, August 13, 2015—28 Av 5775

What are you doing for your summer vacation? Perhaps you’re catching up with old friends. Getting to know new friends. Enjoying that book you’ve been waiting to read. Lazy days at the beach or action-packed travel.

First Ever Smart Tech Gun Fair in the Nation!

By Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, May 27, 2015

On Thursday, May 21, I attended the first ever Smart Tech Gun Fair in the Nation, hosted by the New Rochelle, NY Police department. What is a “smart gun?” It’s a gun that can only be used by the authorized user (think about a “smart phone”) and there are a variety of ways to do this.