WOW - Women of the Wall at 7:30 PM Wednesday @ TBA....And Here's Why

Submitted by Rabbi Kulwin, 4/20/2015

History was made in Jerusalem this morning as, to quote from Ha-aretz, "Women of the Wall, a group of women fighting for freedom of worship at the Western Wall, fulfilled a longstanding goal of reading from a full-size Torah scroll at the Wall on Monday morning, in violation of regulations at the holy site."  The JTA also has an article:

Jews and Justice

By Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, 11/21/2014

Do Not Stand Idly By (Leviticus 19)

By Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, 10/21/2014

An epidemic. 30,000 deaths. And I’m not even talking about ebola. This is the number of Americans that die each year due to gun violence.

Standing Up for Israel

By Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz
July 21, 2014/23 Tammuz 5774

This morning I stood up for Israel along with hundreds of others at MetroWest’s rally to support Israel. While news reports have been overwhelming, this was a chance to come together as a community, as Klal Yisrael, and express our love and support.

A Shot in the Arm for Justice

By Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, 6/12/2014

“What are your summer vacation plans?”  Well, I don’t think it is exactly a vacation, but I am traveling to Africa. Not for safari, though that would have been awesome. I’m going to Kenya for eight days in August as an American Jewish World Service (AJWS) Global Justice Fellow. Let me explain. Actually, let AJWS explain: