Human Trafficking—Modern Day Slavery

By Rabbi Dantowitz, 11/8/2013

The NJ Coalition against Human Trafficking is raising awareness about a topic that we thought was a thing of the past: slavery.  The most widely observed Jewish holiday is Passover and no matter how long or short your Seder, the summary is the same. We were slaves; now we are free.  But are we really free?

October Rocks—Marriage Equality in New Jersey!

By Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz 27 Heshvan 5774      October 31, 2013

Kesher Birthright Israel

From Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz June 3, 2013

Shalom from Kibbutz Tzuba on day #8 of the Kesher Birthright trip I am staffing. Birthright funders  have sent 100,000s of young Jews to Israel, ages 18-26, in the more than ten years since it began. Prerequisites for this free 10-day trip to Israel are to be Jewish and not have visited Israel before with a peer group.

20-20 Hindsight?

From Rabbi Dantowitz, May 23, 2013, 14 Sivan 5773

Which path to follow…A two decade journey of parenting and the rabbinate.

Twenty years ago, I was ordained a rabbi. A few months earlier, I became a mother.

Whose Wall (Kotel) is it anyway?

From Rabbi Dantowitz 5/2/2013
26 Iyar 5773, 42nd day of the Omer

Women of the Wall, as I’ve shared before, is a group of women of all denominations, which has been praying monthly at the Kotel for the past 24 ½ years to welcome the new Hebrew month. Last month, at Prime Minister Netanyahu’s request, Natan Sharansky proposed a solution to create a third prayer area at the Kotel by building out the area by Robinson’s Arch to create an egalitarian prayer space. It’s a creative solution yet one that can not be implemented immediately.