Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz...Star of Essex Award Recipient

Remarks by Rabbi Dantowitz on the Occasion of Receiving the Star of Essex County Award-Jewish Heritage Celebration, Newark, NJ  May 20, 2014- 20 Iyar 5774

The Essex County Jewish Heritage Celebration is part of a yearlong series of programs initiated by County Executive DiVincenzo to recognize and celebrate the diversity of Essex County.

Stand up for your rights this Purim

Rabbi Dantowitz, 3/8/2014

A Step Towards Equality

From Rabbi Dantowitz January 2, 2014    Rosh Hodesh Sh’vat 5774

Reflecting on the year 2013, October 21 stands out as a momentous day. This was the date when same sex marriages became legal in New Jersey.  I still remember my heart swelling with pride that at last, gay couples could finally marry in our state. Though the country still has many more states to go to reach full justice, more states followed suit since then. I’m hoping 2014 will bring more good news in many states.

Newtown and America, One Year Later

By Rabbi Dantowitz, Sunday, December 15

Are we any safer? It doesn’t feel that way. As I got ready for bed late Sunday night, news broke of a carjacking with gun violence at The Short Hills Mall. The victim died.

One year ago. Already one whole year has passed. 20 children. 6 adults. Senselessly gunned down in Newtown. All of us with children in schools were terrified. Were are children safe? Could they be protected?

Nearly 200 children have been killed by guns since Newtown last year. How are we in America protecting ourselves and our children?

Human Trafficking—Modern Day Slavery

By Rabbi Dantowitz, 11/8/2013

The NJ Coalition against Human Trafficking is raising awareness about a topic that we thought was a thing of the past: slavery.  The most widely observed Jewish holiday is Passover and no matter how long or short your Seder, the summary is the same. We were slaves; now we are free.  But are we really free?