Whose Wall (Kotel) is it anyway?

From Rabbi Dantowitz 5/2/2013
26 Iyar 5773, 42nd day of the Omer

Women of the Wall, as I’ve shared before, is a group of women of all denominations, which has been praying monthly at the Kotel for the past 24 ½ years to welcome the new Hebrew month. Last month, at Prime Minister Netanyahu’s request, Natan Sharansky proposed a solution to create a third prayer area at the Kotel by building out the area by Robinson’s Arch to create an egalitarian prayer space. It’s a creative solution yet one that can not be implemented immediately.

I Woke up Early for Religious Tolerance

From Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz , 3/13
Also posted on http://womensrabbinicnetwork.wordpress.com

Yesterday, I joined in solidarity with Women of the Wall at the “Wake up for Religious Tolerance” Service in NYC. Women of the Wall began in Jerusalem, 24 ½ years ago, when I was a first year rabbinical student at HUC-JIR. As the 20th anniversary of Ordination approaches, my classmates and I recently reflected on our experiences with WOW in the year 1988-1989.

International Women's Day

From Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, 3/8/2013

Friday, March 8, 2013 is International Women's Day. It is a day to celebrate women and stand up for women's rights.

Be like Vashti and Esther!

From Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, February 21, 2013, Adar 5773 

Purim arrives on Saturday night and we will again hear the story from the Book of Esther. One of my heroes of the story, or shall I say heroines, is Vashti. She was the King’s first wife. When asked to appear at her husband’s party, where drinking had been occurring for days without limits, she said no and refused to attend. Vashti stood up for what she felt was right in a display of self-protection and feminism.

A Tale of Two Deer (a poem at the end of 2012)

From Rabbi Dantowitz, 12/31/2012

Like bookends on the year or nearly

One in February

A second in December


The first appeared without warning

And entered my life in a crash

Shock, what just happened

Fear, am I okay

Gratitude, I was okay


The second deer did not charge at me

Instead, I was the pursuer

And the deer just stood there, planted in the middle of the road

This time I could swerve

Shock, what just happened

Fear, am I okay