Chocolate Chip Cookies

From Rabbi Dantowitz 11/27/2011

Home-baked, filled with love, enjoyed by all, chocolate chip cookies are a wonderful way of expressing love. I don’t usually reflect so deeply on this baked good but the activity in my kitchen this weekend leads me to consider the power of a homemade cookie.

I know, Thanksgiving just occurred and many are still marveling at a succulent turkey and the amazing creative recipes for turkey leftovers. As a vegetarian for more than twenty years, I really don’t have much interest in turkey. Well, that’s not exactly correct.

God in Nature

From Rabbi Dantowitz 9/11/2011

We learn from the Psalmist that “The earth is God’s and all its fullness thereof.” Nature and God are topics that have been on our minds a lot the past week since the Fall Winter storm, October 29, 2011. After Hurricane Irene this past August, we may have thought we were “safe” from extreme weather or natural disasters for a little while.

Missing My Mom—25 years

From Rabbi Dantowit October 30, 2011

Today is the 25thyahrzeit for my mom. How can it already be a quarter of a century since she died? I was a senior in college and it felt like the earth was pulled out from under my feet. My mom was my best friend, my confidante.

It wasn’t a total surprise but it was shocking. My mom struggled with mental illness. It wasn’t something I was aware of during my childhood but it became prevalent during my senior year in high school after her mom died.

New Beginnings

 From Rabbi Dantowitz Tishrei 27, 5772   October 25, 2011

 Awe. Majesty. Freedom. War. Peace. Life. Death. New Beginnings.

The past couple of weeks were filled to the brim. As we welcomed the New Year 5772, and immersed ourselves in prayer, reflection, teshuva and family gatherings, we also witnessed amazing events around the world.

 Gilad Shalit is free at last.


From Rabbi Dantowitz Elul  9, 5771  September 8, 2011

The month of Elul began last week (August 31), just after hurricane Irene arrived and just after my husband and I brought our oldest son, Ezra Seth, to his first year of college (U Mass Amherst). The name Elul can be seen as an acronymn for ani l’dodi v’dodi li, I am my beloved and my beloved is mine (which is a verse in Song of Songs).