Be Happy, It’s Adar!

From Rabbi Dantowitz, 2/29/2012

The Talmud tells us that when the month of Adar arrives (the last month of the Hebrew calendar), we should be happy. This is the month in which we celebrate Purim—and the victory of the Jewish people over the evil Haman, upon whom the tables were turned .

While I am happy Adar is here, the message of the Book of Esther resonates a bit too strongly for my reading comfort this year.

Separate but Equal is NOT Equal

From Rabbi Dantowitz, 01/26/2012

“A right delayed is a right denied.” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr)

As a liberal Jew, sometimes people assume it means that you are not religious. What does this mean and how do we validate our authenticity as Jews?

I am religious. I am spiritual. I am in relationship with God. My voice counts on the spectrum of religious truth.

With this in mind, I am filled with pride to stand up as a human being, woman, liberal Jew and rabbi in support of Marriage Equality.

Stand Up for Justice

From Rabbi Dantowitz 1/21/2012

Standing up for justice. Doing our part to make the world a better place. Working for equal rights—civil rights for all. This week we started the second book of the Torah, Exodus, and in its opening chapters meet 5 amazing women (and of course, Moses). Shifra and Puah. Miriam and Yocheved. Bat Pharoah. Of these names, my guess is Miriam is the most familiar—she was, after all, Moses’ sister. She watched over him when he floated down the river. She saw Pharoah’s daughter (Bat Pharoah) take him out of the water.

The Sound of Silence

From Rabbi Dantowitz 12/12/2011

I recently spent 4 nights on a silent Jewish Meditation Retreat organized by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality I am an alum of the 4thRabbinic Cohort of IJS which has programs for lay people as well as clergy.

Silent. Really? You mean I didn’t talk? Really. I arrived on Sunday afternoon, the end of the Thanksgiving weekend, at the Garrison Institute, a former convent.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

From Rabbi Dantowitz 11/27/2011

Home-baked, filled with love, enjoyed by all, chocolate chip cookies are a wonderful way of expressing love. I don’t usually reflect so deeply on this baked good but the activity in my kitchen this weekend leads me to consider the power of a homemade cookie.

I know, Thanksgiving just occurred and many are still marveling at a succulent turkey and the amazing creative recipes for turkey leftovers. As a vegetarian for more than twenty years, I really don’t have much interest in turkey. Well, that’s not exactly correct.