You ARE the Instruction Manual

Submitted by Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz 9/5/2012

I spent a couple of days in Chicago in August. It’s a great city---lakes, art, wind and a really good friend from college. But I confess, I missed out on most of that to avail myself of another amazing learning opportunity. I am happy to be a newly trained faculty member of the Melton School.

Read no further until you spend 60 seconds watching this video:

Past and Present

From Rabbi Dantowitz  8/16/2012

One of the amazing things about spending time in Israel this summer was to see the lines of connection between past and present.

Scene One:
Learning at the Hartman Rabbinic Torah Study Seminar in Jerusalem on “Dilemmas of Faith: God and Spirituality in the Modern World,” ancient texts were explored to explore current (and old) challenges.  One session taught by Rachel Korazim was “Faith after the Holocaust: A Perspective from Israeli Literature.”

As Rachel taught a poem I first learned in rab

Women space: A seat on the bus, a place at the table

From Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, 7/13/ 2012

My time in Israel has been filled with rich learning, from ancient and modern texts as well as individuals. I've found it particularly sweet to deepen and build new friendships with many women colleagues here as I shared in this posting (reprinted below) for the Women's Rabbinic Network on July 13. 

I’m feeling many connections to women colleagues while studying at the Hartman Institute’s Rabbinic Seminar this July in Israel.

So Much Halvah

From Rabbi Dantowitz, 7/2/2012

What an exciting trip to Machaneh Yehuda, the shuk or market last Friday morning.

Rabbi Faith Joy @ the Hartman Institute Rabbinic Seminar, Israel

 From Rabbi Dantowitz, Jerusalem, June 28, 2012

After a long hiatus, it’s so good to be back in Israel. Soon after I arrived at Newark airport Tuesday evening, I bumped into two colleagues who were going to Israel for the same reason. For a couple of weeks in July, I will be studying at the Hartman Institute Rabbinic Seminar Over one hundred rabbis will join together for this rich learning opportunity. This will be my first time attending the seminar which is held every summer.