The Garden

By Cantor Jessica Epstein, 12/1/2014

The Garden

Gardening is about moments.

The holy moment when seed sprouts leaves and begins to feel its way to sun.

When red dagger peony stems break frozen free and arc toward future fragrance.

Fading always, something alive

And living always, something fading.

And these come to tell us who we are.


Blowing leaves and trimming grass are weekly heard, rarely observed.

But buds bursting,

fungus creeping

blight stalking,

bugs chewing,

Join us for Casual Shabbat & Avram Pengas!

Cantor's Notes...from Cantor Epstein 3/12/2013

Please join us for a fun, musical and still CASUAL Shabbat this coming Friday, March 15, at 6:30 PM when we will feature guest artist Avram Pengas. He was originally supposed to be our guest in February, but the

snowstorm had other plans!

Join me for Machzor 101 on September 12

Submiited by Cantor Jessica Epstein 9/4/2012

We stretch our bodies before we work out. We floss our teeth before we see the dentist. We even clean up for the cleaning lady! When things are important to us, we prepare accordingly.  But do we prepare ourselves for the High Holy Days?

Elul and the Perpetual Pagans

From Cantor Epstein 8/21/2012

There are many prayers in the siddur whose words we digest slowly. We savor the melody and power of the familiar Shema, or enjoy the the rise and fall of the chanted words in the V’ahavta. We grasp the meaning of the words, “The Lord is One,” and “You shall love the Lord your God.” But there are other prayers and liturgies over which we mentally glide, as they only form one small aspect of our larger worship service.

One prayer that has jumped out at me lately is the Aleinu.

A Tribute to Cantor Norman Summers

From Cantor Epstein, 01/10/2012

Many of you in the community have heard the sad news that Cantor Norman Summers, the Cantor Emeritus of Temple B'nai Jeshurun in Short Hills, passed away at the end of December.

Cantor Summers was a caring husband, a devoted father and grandfather, and a beloved part of the B'nai Jeshurun family.