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Who are the Rishonim?

The 2013-2014 academic year will mark the 11th successful year of the "Rishonim" program in the Greater MetroWest community. Our young Israeli emissaries are chosen each year from a large pool of applicants.

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Chevrah is the Hebrew word for group or society. New for the 2013-14 school year is an educational shift in our Monday/Wednesday program. Our goal for the coming year is to enhance our wonderful education program with the addition of the Chevrah Connection. Chevrah Connection creates connections through social, cultural, educational, spiritual, Israel, and volunteer experiences. The goal of this program is for the students to grow in their connection to one another, the synagogue and their relationship to the greater Jewish world.

(2 times a month) Wednesdays and Thursdays, after classes

The formal educational program of our Jewish Learning Program, is supplemented by students’ involvement in Club TBA, our Junior Youth Group, for third through six graders. Club TBA usually meets one Wednesday and one Thursday evening a month, directly following Hebrew School, with an occasional Monday event out of the building.

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