From the President
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Julie A. Silbermann, photo credit: Jan Press PhotoMedia

Julie A. Silbermann

I am honored to welcome you to Temple B’nai Abraham. My family has a long tradition with Temple B’nai Abraham and my children are the third generation to walk through these doors. We, over 900 member families, are proud of being a warm, embracing synagogue and an exceptional educational institution.

Rooted in tradition, progressive in outlook, we are one of the oldest and largest independent synagogues in America. We continually define ourselves by our pulpit, our lay leadership, and the generational legacies that have been lovingly embraced and preserved for more than a century and a half.

We are overwhelmingly a familial congregation. We are an extended family that offers connection, compassion, and community to all. Our religious services for Shabbat, High Holy Days, and all the holidays and festivals in between are rich, meaningful, and filled with warmth.

Our temple is in constant motion, reflecting active involvement across all age groups. With the early morning arrival of our preschoolers to our highly regarded Early School, afternoons at our exceptional Jewish Education Program, ongoing  bar and bat mitzvah lessons, and our dynamic evening Hey classes and Makom:  High School program and youth groups, Temple B'nai Abraham is a busy and exciting place.

In addition, there is a steady stream of meetings and programs of all the various committees that make up every aspect of our synagogue, ranging from our active Caring Connections, Adult Learning, Social Action, and Ritual Committees, to forums for important regional, national and international speakers.  Temple B’nai Abraham combines the best of what the modern Jewish community has to offer.

I invite you to tour this state-of-the-art website and virtually visit Temple B’nai Abraham. Then come and see us in person—meet our clergy, tour our schools, sit in on services, or participate in an open program. Come hear a lecture or enjoy a mid-day musicale.  See us in action and be inspired.   I look forward to welcoming you personally.



162nd Annual Congregational Meeting January 20, 2015

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Nominating Committee Report

Due to a conflict with constitutional provisions, our revised slate is presented below:


In accordance with Article XI, section 4 of the Constitution of Temple B'nai Abraham, I submit to you the following names of members nominated by the Committee to be elected at the Annual Meeting of the Congregation.

To serve as Officers for a two (2) year term commencing March 1, 2015:

President                                          Julie Silbermann

Vice President                                   Saul Berkowitz

Vice President                                   Randi Jeddis

Vice President                                   Jeffrey Klein

Vice President                                   Scott Loventhal

Secretary                                           Stacey Rosenberg

Assistant Secretary                           Ken Starr

Treasurer                                           Jeffrey Kollin

Assistant Treasurer                           Carey Gertler

To serve as trustees for a three (3) years term expiring February 28, 2018:

Richard Dinar

Barbara Drench

Bernice Garbade

Jonathan Hirschmann

Craig Kantor

Jeri Karpen

Alyce Miller

David Miller

Mindy Scheier

Marjorie Zucker

The Nominating Committee wishes to thank those members of the Congregation who furnished suggestions. Everyone whose name was provided received due consideration by the Nominating Committee.

BJ Reisberg & Mitch Katz, Co-Chairs

Heidi Blum

Howard Ehrenkranz

Amanda Fiverson

David Hammer

Robin Hecht

Tara Heyderman

Leslie Klaff

Stacey Laken

Marlene Moscowitz

Alyssa Reiter

Lori Rosenbaum

Susan Silberman

Scott Wolfson 


Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Rosenberg, Secretary


Officers 2014-15

Julie A. Silbermann

Vice Presidents
Bruce H. Greene
Randi Jeddis
Jeffrey Klein
Ginny Roth

Jeffrey Kollin

Stacey Rosenberg

Assistant Treasurer
Saul Berkowitz

Assistant Secretary
Scott Loventhal

Immediate Past President
Edward Meinhardt

Herbert S. Ford

 Link to Listing of Temple Committees

Past Presidents

Edward Meinhardt 2009-2013
BJ Reisberg 2005-2009
Jeffrey D. Roth 2003-2005
Sandra L. Greenberg 1999-2003
Merle H. Kalishman 1995-1999
Ira M. Starr 1991-1995
Marilyn Rosenbaum 1987-1991
*Joel J. Rogoff 1983-1987
Peter M. Klein 1981-1983
Martin H. Kalishman 1977-1981
*I. Samuel Sodowick 1973-1977
*Abram Barkan 1971-1973
*Dr. Sol Parent 1969-1971
*A. Sam Gittlin 1965-1969
*Leo Brody 1963-1965
*Norman Feldman 1959-1963
*Leo Brody 1954-1959
*Louis Rosen 1953-1954
*Samuel Klein 1949-1953
*Michael A. Stavitsky 1939-1949
*Albert Hollander 1926-1939
*Phillip J. Schlotland 1913-1926
*William S. Rich 1896-1912
*Moritz Beria 1871-1896
*Lesser Marks 1853-1870

* Deceased