Men's Club
Men's Club Basketball Team 2015
Men's Club

Temple B’nai Abraham’s Men’s Club begins a new year with a new executive committee, the group plans to "pay it forward" for the next generation with new programming ideas and energy.

At its heart, the Men’s Club is about friendship and service.  Whether the event is cultural, social, or volunteer, Men's Club members receive significant value for their investment of time. They will make new friends. They will increase their awareness about issues affecting the temple, the Jewish community, and Israel. And they will pass on to their neighbors, friends, and children the ideals they prize.

All male Temple members are encouraged to get involved in this dynamic organization. Pass on an idea for a lecture or panel topic and help produce the event and pick the speakers. For the benefit of our children, participate in the Temple’s Purim carnival, whether it involves soliciting prize giveaways from local businesses or supervising one of the booths. Whatever the time available, there is an opportunity to get involved.

Men's Club is committed to increasing the strength of Livingston’s Jewish community. To change even one thing about the Men’s Club, please call or e-mail your ideas to us. We look forward to strengthening our community together

Brian Altman, President


President: Brian Altman 

Vice President: Carey C. Gertler

Vice President: Bob Singer

Vice President: Dr. Greg Scheier

Treasurer: Richard T. Kesselhaut

Recording Secretary: Scott  Wolfson

 Immediate Past President: Craig Kantor

Packing Yom HaShoah Candles on Mitzvah Morning

photos courtesy, Craig Kantor


Men's Club Sunday Morning Minyan 2015 YOU + 1... bring a friend with you!  

Upcoming  Sunday Morning Minyans with Rabbi Kulwin followed by breakfast:

 YOU+ 1- Bring a friend with you!

Sunday, April 19, 8:30 AM
Sunday, May 17, 8:30 AM, Join us for Minyan led by Rabbi Kulwin at Temple B'nai Abraham's former location in Newark, which is now the Deliverance Temple and Deliverance Evangelistic Center, at 621 Clinton Avenue.