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Temple B'nai Abraham
Main Entrance
Spring Time
Entrance to Temple Lobby
Bima (photo courtesy Jan Press Photo Media)
Ross Sanctuary ( photo courtesy Jan Press Photo Media)
Shabbat Morning Services ( photo courtesy Jan Press Photo Media)
Gittlin Chapel
Saul Reinfeld Hall (Main Social Hall)
Silberman Conservatory
Brody Youth Lounge
A Pre-School (The Early School) Classroom
Early School Slater Playground
Temple Sukkah
Patio in the Denburg Garden

Temple B'nai Abraham, one of the oldest and largest independent synagogues in the country, is a vital, dynamic and forward-looking congregation that provides connection, compassion and community for all. We offer a rich array of programs and services, but most of all we offer a sense of belonging to a larger family — your Temple family.

With a rich history of independence, Temple B'nai Abraham fosters respect for tradition, relevance to time and place, creativity, musicality and a commitment to providing a focal point for living and learning in a Jewish way.

Our Jewish Learning Program grades K-12 and The Early School, our pre-school, are widely acknowledged to be among the finest in New Jersey, and our  Makom, formal and informal programming for teens grades 8th-12th,  seeks to continue the synagogue education and involvement of our young people beyond the age of Bar/ Bat Mitzvah.

Membership in Temple B'nai Abraham will enrich the fabric of your Jewish life and provide a spiritual link to the Jewish community. We are committed to helping you find your place in our congregational life. Interfaith families are most welcome.

We believe that it is important that no one forego membership because of financial inability. Membership in Temple B’nai Abraham is open to all Jews, regardless of ability to pay.  A confidential conversation can always be had with the Executive Director. Each case will be handled on an individual basis with complete discretion and sensitivity.

At Temple B’nai Abraham, we serve Livingston, Millburn/Short Hills, West Orange, South Orange, Maplewood, Roseland and all adjacent communities, which are part of the New Jersey MetroWest region.

Please take a moment to learn more about what makes Temple B’nai Abraham a unique place. Also visit TBA's Facebook page!

If you are interested in membership in our temple, please contact Executive Director Gail Milchman, e-mail or call  973.994.2290.

Tara Heyderman, and Scott Wolfson, Membership Committee Co-Chairs

Temple B'nai Abraham At-A- Glance (PDF)   

Temple Bulletin Archive (PDF)


  The Membership Committee at B'nai Abraham...

The Membership Committee is the group that recruits prospective members, welcomes new members, focuses on membership retention, encourages member participation, and is responsible for partnering with other TBA groups to plan and schedule temple-wide events.

Mitzvah Morning:   The Membership Committee with the Social Action Committee, the JLP PTA, the Early School Parents' Council, Men's Club and Sisterhood, spearheaded the temple's annual Mitzvah Morning.  Members of all ages participate together in a gratifying and rewarding morning of activities and volunteering to benefit those in need in our neighboring communities. In the months leading up to  Mitzvah Morning there were ongoing collections for local organizations.

Summer BBQ: Every year  the Membership Committee hosts the temple's annual Summer BBQ. This night of live music, cocktails and delicious food is attended by over 200 people, representing a true cross section of the temple's membership.

14th Annual Summer BBQ, Grill & Chill Barbecue Photo Gallery

If you are interested in joining the Membership Committee or for information about membership activities,  please contact Tara Heyderman, or Scott Wolfson,, Membership Co-Chairs.





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