"We are mothers, daughters, grandmothers, granddaughters, wives, sisters and friends-

we are women, we nurture, we care,we listen,  WE HELP"

Please Join Us…

Sisterhood warmly welcomes all female members of our congregation to join the vibrant and diverse group of women, who work together in friendship, to reach our goals of charity, service and education. 

This coming year, we hope many more of our wonderful women will participate in our events. We look forward to welcoming new and returning members as we enjoy a delicious dinner and fun entertainment at our annual fall event. We are excited about our many programs and events scheduled for the upcoming year. It is only with your support that we can contribute at the highest level to our own synagogue and community.              
We Serve Our Congregation…

  • Provide and prepare weekly Oneg Shabbat
  • Provide pulpit flowers
  • Manage Judaica Shop. Go to the Sisterhood Judaica Shop
  • Offer opportunity to order Kippot for your simcha at reasonable prices                                                                      
  • Offer a magnificent hand-made Chuppah for rental
  • Host Rosh Hodesh celebrations for the new month
  • Sponsor distinguished speakers at Kabbalat Shabbat Dinners
  • Fundraise for specific needs of the Temple

We Serve Our Children…

  • Give gifts to each Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • Provide treats for our Religious School & College Students
  • Assist with the Purim Carnival
  • Present awards to graduates
  • Award scholarship monies for trips to Israel

We Serve Our Community…

  • Support of Social Action Committee events/ Women’s Interfaith Dinner
  • Co-Host NCJW Lunch & Learn

Elena Meinhardt & Debbie Myers, Sisterhood Co-Presidents

Officers 2013-2014

Co-Presidents: Elena Meinhardt & Debbie Myers

VP Fundraising: Mindy Greenberg & Karen Mendez

VP Membership: Sandra Kantor & Suzanne Weinick

Treasurer: Bernice Garbade

Corresponding Secretary: JoAnn Lee

Recording Secretary: Barbara Lerner

Early School & Jewish Learning Program Liaison: Caryn Epstein

Immediate Past President: Jane Eisenstat 

Sisterhood Program Monday, May 12, 2014, 8:00 PM (Sisterhood Meeting at 7:00 PM)

Exploring Kabbalah, with Rabbi Lisa Goldstein,  Executive Director of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality, located in NYC.

Rabbi Lisa Goldstein is the Executive Director of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. A California native, she was previously the Executive Director of Hillel of San Diego where she garnered local and national recognition for her devotion to students and her leadership. She has been a service learning group leader for the American World Service and as a Mandel Jerusalem Fellow in 2009-20110, she designed a new methodology for combining local justice work and contemplative practice within a Jewish framework. She teaches Jewish meditation in a variety of contexts and enjoys climbing mountains (most recently Mt Toubkal in Morocco) for the view and for the beauty along the way.

The Institute for Jewish Spirituality seeks to transform Jewish life. By helping clergy and leaders embrace contemplative practices such as Torah study, prayer, meditation, yoga and immersive retreats, we provide them with valuable skills for effective leadership while creating opportunities to deepen their spiritual lives and connect meaningfully with the Divine.By strengthening our leaders and clergy in this way, we introduce communities and institutions to new forms of authentic Jewish practice, enrich everyday life with Jewish wisdom, link the search for inner wholeness with tikkun olam, and create a vibrant, enduring Judaism for the next generations.

Rabbi Goldstein will be exploring Kabbalah and the sefirot, which is both a way to understand Divinity and a useful tool and even a road map for developing our own spiritual lives.

Mindy Scheier is event chair. All welcome to attend.    RSVP




 Sisterhood Rosh Hodesh: Celebrating the New Hebrew Month Led by Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz|

A spiritual evening of sharing and exploring the themes of the new month. Rosh Hodesh is a special time for women to gather together to celebrate the new Hebrew month. Women are invited to join in an evening of learning, ritual and sharing.Anchor



A Wonderful Chocolate Seder Led by Rabbi Dantowitz

Welcoming Nisan and answering the questions-What makes me feel free and/or what makes me feel oppressed. Participants watched a video about the chocolate industry and were informed about Fair Trade which ensures that there is no slave labor and workers receive fair wages. Our Chocolate Seder focused on freedom and the dark side of chocolate. In 17th century New Spain (Mexico), wine was scarce and chocolate beverage sometimes took its place for Kiddush. For the Sisterhood Chocolate Seder, we drank the sweet liqueur, Chocolat Liquer. The blessing for the wine was thus changed to end... "shehakol nih'yeh bidvaro, by whose word everything comes into being."  All who drank the liquer enjoyed it!


L’Dor V’Dor from Generation to Generation

Sisterhood presents the new L’Dor V’Dor Education Fund...

Sisterhood is committed to enhancing and enriching the Jewish educational landscape of our congregational family. By supporting this initiative you are partnering with Sisterhood in its mission to provide unique educational opportunities and scholarships, as well as, dynamic programming and innovative speakers.  Become an integral part of this exciting new venture! Your generosity and support will make a difference.

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$1800 includes 4 Gala tickets
$540 includes 2 Gala tickets
$360 includes 1 Gala ticket


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 A Comedy Experience with Jessica Kirson...and Danny Cohen, A Great Success!