Social Action
Mitzvah Morning
Thank you to all who volunteered and donated to this wonderful event!
Social Action


The goal of Social Action/Tikkun Olam Committee (SAC/TO), is to provide TBA congregants the opportunity to take part in Tikkun Olam (healing the world) and perform hands-on mitzvot and activities.  We will have volunteer opportunities for adults, youngsters, families, and individuals.  Many of our programs are in partnership with other groups at TBA and I hope that you will find something of interest and get involved either directly through SAC/TO or through another committee, constituency group, or religious school.  You do not need to join SAC/TO to volunteer for activities. Our goal is to be a conduit for providing meaningful opportunities and experiences for Temple members and friends.

Tikkun Olam (healing the world) has long been a watchword of the Temple's Social Action Committee. From the days in Newark to the present, through a myriad of hands-on mitzvot and activities the Social Action Committee has engaged members of all ages in acts of loving kindness and the pursuit of justice, assisting the poor and disadvantaged, dialoguing with other faiths, assuming stewardship of the environment and supporting Israel. The Social Action Committee’s Green Team currently leads the congregation in pursuit of an environmental certification from the interfaith coalition, GreenFaith that encompasses building practices, education, worship and community outreach.

Here is a sampling of our upcoming activities. Please let me know if there is something for which you would like to volunteer:

  • Book-A-Thon/Book Exchange and Collection:
  • Turkey Drive:
  • Martin Luther King Day of Service:
  • Women's Interfaith Dinner and Program:
  • Mitzvah Morning, sponsored with Membership and  Men's Club :
  • Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) Hosting: June 1522, 2014
  • Soup Kitchen:
  • Green Team/Environmental Awareness: On-Going
  • Big Brother/Big Sister Partnership: On-going

Lisa Reisboard, Chair


On Sunday, September 14, beginning at 7:30 AM, at temple, in conjunction with MetroWest, Temple B’nai Abraham’s Men's Club and Social Action Committee will assist the Jewish Relief Agency (JRA) launch their monthly Food Delivery Program to those in need.

Established in Philadelphia 15 years ago, the Jewish Relief Agency is a community program that provides an innovative hands-on, door-to-door approach to feeding over 3,200 needy families nationwide. They depend upon the help of dedicated volunteers and the financial support of individuals, foundations and businesses. September 14th marks JRA’s 3rd year in North Jersey in conjunction with MetroWest and Rabbi Boruch Hecht

When the JRA day arrives all will gather at the temple and form an assembly line to package the non-perishables in the JRA boxes.  Boxes are then loaded into carts and wheeled to the parking lot. At this point all route deliver volunteers receive their printed maps and routes with all the information necessary to make their delivery. Cars line up in parking lot and drive up to stacked boxes area.  Boxes are loaded into each car according to route (2-6 boxes)...and off to deliver!

The TBA schedule is as follows: first group, meeting @ 7:30 AM, is needed to help with set-up; the 2nd group, meeting @ 10:00 AM, is needed to pack the food and the 3rd group, meeting @ 11:00 AM, will deliver meals in the community.For the entire family, all ages! Volunteers have the option of joining any of the groups or joining all.

The JRA experience provides many benefits to the volunteers: a Mitzvah opportunity, a family education opportunity, an opportunity to raise social awareness and an opportunity to spend community time.

RSVP for the JRA day either to Lisa Reisboard or Rabbi Hecht

Hope to see you there, Lawrence Moskowitz & Lisa Reisboard