Life Cycle Events & New Families

As of May 19, 2016



Amy & Richard Benjamin, daughter Julie becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Marley Graubard & Peter Graubard son Alex becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Michelle & Jonathan Pearl, daughter Ashely becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Caroline & Jeffrey Ochital, son Ethan becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Irene Friedman, grandson Zev Black becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Lisa & Ken Gold, daughter Lily becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Judy & Eric Perlmutter, granddaughter Lily Gold becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Vita Orenstein, great-granddaughter Lily Gold becoming a Bat Mitzvah

David Mintz becoming a Bar Mitzvah for the second time


Carol & Mel Keating, engagement of son Daniel to Emily Driesman

Andrea & Richard Ribakove, engagement of daughter Stephanie to Evan Moskowitz

Sheila & Lester Kalisher, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary

Diana & Jim Daniels, birth of grandson James Windwer


Stacey & Ted Abenstein, daughter Carly’s graduation from George Washington University

Lisa Abrams, daughter Samantha’s graduation from Rutgers University

Pamela & Gregg Adelsheimer, son Jeremy’s graduation from Colgate University

Nancy & Ken Bernstein, son Roth’s graduation from University of Vermont

Barbara & Eric Bodner, son Robert’s graduation from Syracuse University

Esther & Jonathan Bondy, son Daniel’s graduation from the University of Pennsylvania

Mary Beth & Jeffrey Davidson, daughter Jordanne’s graduation from George Washington Univ.

Terri & Mark Friedman, son Adam’s graduation from University of California, Los Angeles

Jill & Jeffrey Gropper, daughter Jamie’s graduation from Binghamton University

Vicki & Michael Kalmus, son Alexander’s graduation from Lehigh University

Karyn & Richard Kesselhaut, daughter Rebecca’s graduation from Muhlenberg College

Judson Kleinman, daughter Jesse’s graduation from University of Delaware

Jill & Keith Kugler, son Jesse’s graduation from University of Wisconsin

Nancy Lederman, son Jesse’s graduation from Binghamton University

Jodie & Randy Lerner, son Jeremy’s graduation from University of Massachusetts

Karen & Alan Lieberman, daughter Courtney’s graduation from University of Maryland

Hope & David Lomita, daughter Rachel’s graduation from Indiana University

Sandra & Stephen Markman, daughter Casey’s graduation from Indiana University

Andrea & Richard Ribakove, son Adam’s graduation from University of Michigan

Stacey & Marc Rosenberg, son Matthew’s graduation from Binghamton University

Roberta & Randy Samuels, son Joshua’s graduation from Ithaca College

Joan & Peter Schofel, son Marc’s graduation from University of Michigan

Susan & Jack Schwartz, daughter Alexandra’s graduation from Indiana University

Donna & Robert Seltzer, daughter Emily’s graduation from University of Texas

Lois & Michael Siegel, daughter Alexa’s graduation from University of Delaware

Deborah & Scott Siegel, daughter Jaynie’s graduation from University of Wisconsin

Susan & Scott Spiro, daughter Jamie’s graduation from Indiana University

Amy & Alan Traiger, daughter Amanda’s graduation from University of Delaware

Eileen & Jeffrey Klein, daughter Rachel’s graduation from Binghamton University

Jami Weisman, daughter Nikki & son, Dylan’s graduation from Syracuse University

Diana & Michael Wische, son Jonathan’s graduation from Quinnipiac University



Steve Delman                     wife, and Temple member, Meryl Delman

Debbi Lebersfeld                mother, Gloria “Schnookie” Lowenstein

Debbie Rose                      mother, Eleanor Pokross



Stacey & Edward Steinberg, Jordan, Ryna Jack

Lesley & Neil Greenstein, Matthew, Michael, Jeffrey