Life Cycle Events & New Families

As of June 18, 2015



Terri & Mark Friedman, son Jack becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Andrea & Eric Solomon, daughter Maya becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Joy & Alben Weinstein, son Jake becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Laurie & Todd Rubenstein, son Pierce becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Sharon & Ron Silver, daughter Kelsey becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Hallie & Joseph Dennis, son Jacob becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Debra & Christopher Feresten, son Daniel becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Suzy & Jonathan Allen, daughter Lindsey becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Isabella & Josh Fiske, son Jason becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Marsha & Steven Fiske, grandson Jason Fiske becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Luba & Mark Schonwetter, grandson Jason Fiske becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Alyssa & Saul Sutton, daughter Mia becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Marilyn & Ike Sutton, granddaughter Mia becoming a Bat Mitzvah


Linda Ross, grandson Bennett Ross becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Barbara Drench, grandson Sammy Friedman becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Pamela & Lee Samuelson, daughters Danielle & Maya becoming B’not Mitzvah

Andrew & Warren Grover, grandson Devon Grover becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Marian & David Rocker, granddaughter Matar Techelet Rocker becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Ruth Ross, granddaughter Olivia Nengel becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Leslie & Jay Mayesh, grandson Davis Asher Sandberg becoming a Bar Mitzvah

Arlene & Dan Kollin, granddaughter Becca Smith becoming a Bat Mitzvah

Phyllis & Allan Weingarten, grandson Brett Schwartz becoming a Bar Mitzvah


Emily Fried, son Mickey’s graduation from the University of Miami and daughter, Ilana from NYU with a Master’s in Public Administration

Bonnie & Keith Gurland, birth of grandson Joey Nelson

Mary Alice Williams, receiving an Honorary Doctorate from Bloomfield College

Meryl & Steve Delman, son Scott’s marriage to Meredith Gordon

Estelle & Stuart Baskin, daughter Melissa’s marriage to Scott Ornstein

Julie & Max Silbermann, son Matthew’s engagement to Amanda Miller

Kim & Rod Lache, son Adam’s selection to represent Team USA for soccer in the 2015 Pan American Maccabi games

Brandon Minde, selected by the New Jersey Law Journal to the 2015 “New Leaders of the Bar”

Naomi Zeitel, birth of granddaughter, Savannah Harvi Zeitel

Debbie & Bill Schatten, birth of daughter, Grace Margaux Schatten

Florence Schatten, birth of granddaughter, Grace Margaux Schatten




Lauren Sodowick               father, Joe Borish

David Lomita                     mother, Myrna Lomita

Nurit Gans                         mother, Elena Olga Heller

Jerry Kivowitz                    brother, Richard Kivowitz

Ian Lagowitz                      mother, Florence Lagowitz

Barry Wagenberg              mother, Sylvia Wagenberg