Clergy Discretionary Fund

As of June 16, 2016


In memory of Eleanor Pokross, mother of Debbie Rose

            Myron Pokross

            Debbie and Michael Rose

In honor of Barbara Kreitzman’s special birthday

            Sandy Glassman

            Deena & Michael Oksenhorn

In honor of Betty & Barry Ende’s 50th wedding anniversary

            Rita & Alan Solomon

In honor of the marriage of Hallie Fischberg & Michael Cohn

            Cathy & Bruce Fischberg

Nancy & Michael Wolk

In memory of Alex Lagowitz

            Stacy & David Chaikin

In honor of Trudy & Fred Slater’s granddaughter Julia’s graduation from Syracuse University

            Susan & Alan Hammer

In honor of Jason Garrod, grandson of Elaine & Jeffrey Garrod becoming a Bar Mitzvah

            Adrienne & Stan Schwartz

In memory of Harold Safran, uncle of Staci Weiss, with thanks to Rabbi Kulwin

             Staci & Glen Weiss

In memory of her mother, Pauline Miller with thanks to Rabbi Dantowitz

            Rita Harris