Clergy Discretionary Fund

As of March 23, 2015

In memory of Leona Simon Fiske, mother of Steven, with appreciation to Rabbi Kulwin

          Steven & Marsha Fiske

In memory of Leona Simon Fiske, mother of Steven Fiske, grandmother of Josh Fiske

          Fran and Harvey Sonnenberg

In honor of Jonah becoming a Bar Mitzvah, with thanks to Rabbi Kulwin & Cantor Epstein

          Lisa & Adam Reisboard

In memory of their fathers, Jack Kessler & Stanley Roth

          Regina K. & Jeffrey D. Roth

In memory of Donna Amilani, Judy’s sister

          Judy & Richard Dolinko

To the Fund

          David A. Mintz

          BJ Reisberg

In memory of Bert Wolf, father of Susan Greene

Myrna & Murray Abramowitz

In memory of her husband, Isaac Gielchinsky

          Janet Gielchinsky

In memory of Charlotte, mother of Mr. & Mrs. David Bernstein

          Laurie & David Solomon & Family

In memory of Barry Geffner, father of Stuart Geffner

          Ellen & Scott Loventhal & Family

In honor of Daniel Dantowitz, son of Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz becoming a Bar Mitzvah

          Lisa & Adam Reisboard

In memory of Sylvia Watt, mother of Ellen Wagenberg

          Ila & Jan Press