Clergy Discretionary Fund

As of May 19, 2016

To the Fund

          Helen & Henry Schechter

In memory of her husband, Bernard Lurie

          Sheila Lurie

In honor of Ellen Hefter’s support of the Jewish Legacy of the Piano series

          Ricki & Fred Bernstein

In honor of Rabbi Kulwin, with thanks

          Barry Bearg

In honor of Rabbi Kulwin & Cantor Epstein for their help & guidance on the occasion of

my second Bar Mitzvah

          David Mintz

In memory of Meryl Delman, wife of Steve Delman

          Arlene & Dan Kollin

          Marsha & Steven Fiske

          Monica & Kenneth Blumberg

In memory of Yolanda “Yola” Gaines, grandmother of Melissa Lowy,

with thanks to Rabbi Dantowitz

          Leslie & Richard Gelfond

In honor of the naming of their granddaughter, Molly Jessica Dorlen

          Diana & Jim Daniels

In honor of his Torah reading for his second Bar Mitzvah

          David Mintz

In memory of Gloria “Schnookie” Lowenstein, mother of Debbi Lebersfeld

          Beverly & Bob Slater

In honor of his grandson Chase Levine’s bris

          Marc Berson