Clergy Discretionary Fund

As of November 20, 2014

In honor of Rabbi Kulwin for his comfort, support & always being there

          Barbara Drench       

In honor of their Yom Kippur Aliyah

          Leslie & Jay Mayesh

In memory of Stanley Roth, father of Jeff Roth

          Sandi & Stephen Markman

          Nancy & Howard Silberstein

          Ginny & Jeff Roth

In honor of her Aliyah

          Phyllis Model

In honor of sitting on the bimah on Yom Kippur afternoon

          Evi Meinhardt

In memory of Bette Blum with thanks to Rabbi Kulwin

          Heidi Blum & Michele Donato

In memory of Dr. Jerry Coopersmith, husband of Cantor Lee Coopersmith

In memory of Dorothy Reichel, mother of Beverly Slater

          Ellen & Barry Wagenberg

In memory of Jack Kessler, father of Ginny Roth

          Nancy & Howard Silberstein

          Ginny & Jeff Roth

In memory of Donna Amilani with appreciation for the help of Rabbi Kulwin & Rabbi Dantowitz

          Judy & Richard Dolinko