Clergy Discretionary Fund

As of April 20, 2016


In honor of Rabbi Kulwin and Rabbi Dantowitz for their support

          Meredith & Scott Delman

In memory of her father Irwin, with thanks to Rabbi Dantowitz

          Pamela S. Nadell

In honor of Rabbi Kulwin for his support
          Susan & Michael Steinberg

In memory of Barbara Goldsmith, with thanks to Rabbi Kulwin

          Richard Goldsmith

          Phyllis & Allan Weingarten

          Madeline & Harold Hoffman

In memory of Barry’s mother, Tillie Ende

          Betty & Barry Ende

In memory of Lois Facher, mother of Marcy Schwartz

Lynne Lieblein

In memory of Ruth Delman, mother of Steve Delman

          Adele & Sid Bernstein

In honor of Rabbi Kulwin, with appreciation

          Grace Kaplan

In honor of Rabbi Kulwin

          Brad Glassman

In memory of Evelyn “Lynn” Ribakove, mother of Richard Ribakove

          Richard Ribakove

In memory of Amy Howard, mother of Dr. Andrew Howard

          Helen Kessler

In memory of Bernard Lurie, father of Elena Meinhardt

          Stacy Chaikin

In honor of the wedding of their daughter, Julie Gordon & Jason Bleck, with thanks to Rabbi Dantowitz

          Debra & Ira Gordon