Yahrzeit Fund

As of July 19 , 2016

It is a traditional duty of Jews to recite Kaddish for a deceased parent, child, spouse, or sibling (daily during the first year, annually thereafter on the anniversary of death).  We thank those who have contributed to the Yahrzeit Fund in memory of their loved ones.  May their memories forever be for a blessing…


Yahrzeit of                                                  Contributor

Dr. Harrison Pearlson

Ross & Debbie Pearlson

Saul Klein

Peter & Ellen Klein

Morris Hammer

Susan & Alan Hammer

Harriet Prupis

Neil & Joy Prupis

Fay W. Binen

Ira Gordon

Irwin Laufman

Esther Laufman

Jerry Palin

Mindy Palin

Rose C. Yonteff

Marjorie & Harvey Yonteff

Molly Greenberg

Evelyn & Amos Gern

Sally Saltzstein

Sheila Yellen

Leo Sourifman

Karen Gladstone

Sarah Neibart

Rheda & Raymond Folkman

Sherry Dakss

The Dakss Family

Anthony Maltese

Jessica Goldstern

Hilda Young

Sherry Lieb

Abraham Pearlberg

Joel & Roberta Pearlberg

Helen Folkman

Raymond & Rheda Folkman

Elizabeth Kosson

Richard A. Kosson

Henry Honigfeld

Doris Honigfeld

Richard Wasserman

Marjorie Wasserman

Selma Leopold

Marjorie Wasserman

Judy Willis

Amos & Evelyn Gern

Max Lewitt

Doris Honigfeld

Joseph Pearlman

Dr.& Mrs. Ted Pearlman

Ethel Marberg

Ilena & Paul Lieberman

David Lieberman

Ilena & Paul Lieberman

Herbert M. Gladstone

Karen & Stuart Gladstone

Dorothy Coleman

Debbie Coleman Rose

Irving Tarnower

Norma & Jerry Marsh

Milton Feinsod

Larry & Sharon Feinsod