Support & Assistance @ B'nai Abraham

Temple B'nai Abraham has people on staff ready to help you during times of more pressing and personal need. 

ClergyIf you have an immediate need for help from a member of the clergy regarding a recent death, hospitalization or a member of your family is facing a stressful life change or in need of help with a mental health issue, please contact: Rabbi Clifford M. Kulwin
temple: 973-.994.2290, ext 214
home: 973.509.2538
e-mail address:

Nurse—If you or your elderly parent has health concerns or need to connect to community resources, please contact:
Karen Frank RN, Congregational Nurse
973.994.2290, ext 252
e-mail address:

Caring Connections—If you need support from our dedicated team of congregants who can provide transportation for medical and household needs, a home visit or even a meal, please contact our Caring Connections Committee Chairs:

Terri Friedman
phone number: 973.533.0174
e-mail address:
Bunny Schwartz
phone number:973.992.3355
e-mail address: